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Nate Najar in the studio

Nate Najar’s kind words to Chief Engineer Jim “Pinky” Beeman:   “thanks and thanks and ever thanks this record is going to mix itself practically.  The tracks really sound so good and clean.  I love that mono drum mic too….

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Fit For Rivals

Fit For Rivals tracks their 2nd album at Big3 Studios with producer Gavin Brown. From their Fanbridge site:  “We are excited to announce that Fit For Rivals are currently in the studio with badass supreme producer, Gavin Brown! (Metric, Billy Talent)…

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The Voice’s Paulina Cerrilla in the studio!

Paulina Cerrilla from season 3 of “The Voice” is in the studio with producer Jason Pennock. Paulina is a Youtube sensation, having over 24 million views on her Youtube channel. She was part of Team Christina on “The Voice” and…

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Fresh Out of the Oven – Tina Turner!

Our Chief Engineer Pinky was asked to perform a task that many forget about in this digital age of recording. Pinky was asked to restore 1980’s analog tape for Tina Turner. Big3 Studios’ facilities have the ability to work with…

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